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Writings by Topic: Hamas

Title Publication Date
Blinken Visits Israel and Pledges to Make Gaza Great Again Global Eye with Natasha Kirtchuk / i24News May 25, 2021
Biden's Approach to the Hamas - Israel Conflict Newsmax May 19, 2021
No, the Gaza flare-up didn't kill Trump's wildly successful Abraham Accords New York Post May 19, 2021
Is There a Way Out of the Gaza-Israel Conflict? The World Today / CGTN May 15, 2021
Who is Responsible for the Latest Round of Violence in Israel and Gaza? The Heat / CGTN May 14, 2021
The Roots of the Current Round of Palestinian Violence One America News Network May 10, 2021
US Victims Accuse Top Qatar Banks and Charity of Financing Terrorism Sky News Arabia December 17, 2020
Rocket Attacks From Gaza and Netanyahu's Calculations ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News June 13, 2019
What Happened in Gaza The Why / Newsy May 6, 2019
Iran's Hand Behind the Latest Flare Up in Gaza, Israel Washington Free Beacon May 5, 2019
The U.S. Downgrades its Mission to Palestinians and the Spike in Gaza Violence ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News March 4, 2019
Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict A Security Studies Group Monograph June 26, 2018
The UN Human Rights Council is a Sham and the U.S. is Right to Leave It The Federalist June 22, 2018
The Media's Palestine Narrative Reads Like Fan Fiction The Weekly Standard May 25, 2018
Growth Without Peace: The Israeli Economy Amidst the Unrest Global Business with Susan Roberts / CGTN America May 14, 2018
The Embassy Move to Jerusalem and Gaza Riots Explained Dr. Drew Midday Live with Lauren Sivan / 790 KABC Radio May 14, 2018
The Major Threats Posed By Iran Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show May 11, 2018
Can Hamas Change? Al-Hurra TV (Arabic) May 6, 2018
Palestinians Prefer Mythology Over Peace The Federalist April 6, 2018
A Year of Trump Shaking up U.S. Foreign Policy ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News January 21, 2018
World Leaders React to the Jerusalem Decision Crossroads with David Shuster and Shayna Estulin / i24News December 7, 2017
The Jerusalem Controversy Africa Live with Beatrice Marshall / CGTN Africa December 7, 2017
One Year Later: The Trump Effect in the Middle East Perspectives with Tracy Alexander / i24News November 8, 2017
Egyptian Middle East Peace Efforts, Hezbollah's Drones, and the Syrian Challenge to Israel Perspectives with Denise Wood / i24News September 19, 2017
It's Time for a New Qatar Policy that Puts America's Interests First The Federalist July 17, 2017
The Normal Person's Guide To The Qatari Cold War The Federalist June 14, 2017
Solving the Hamas-Israeli Conflict CCTV America July 25, 2014
Israel's Ground Incursion in Gaza CCTV America July 17, 2014
How Durable is the Hamas-Israel Ceasefire? CCTV News November 23, 2012
Palestinian Statehood and Middle East Unrest: An Interview with Amos Yadlin inFOCUS Quarterly September 15, 2011
Inside the Palestinian Unity Deal The American Spectator May 4, 2011
A Rapidly Changing World: An Interview with Douglas Feith inFOCUS Quarterly March 2, 2011
What Really Happened on the Gaza 'Freedom Flotilla' inSIGHT June 2, 2010

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