Matthew RJ Brodsky
Matthew RJ Brodsky
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Writings by Topic: North Korea

Title Publication Date
Trump's Accomplishments and Remaining Challenges in the Middle East Liquid Lunch with John Tobacco December 1, 2020
Trump Walks Away From a Bad Deal with North Korea Al-Ghad TV (Arabic) February 28, 2019
What the IC's Threat Assessment Means for American Politics Security Studies Group February 4, 2019
Collaborative Middle East Proliferation; Tehran Filling the Syrian Vacuum; Safeguarding Israel's Golan Heights Secure Freedom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show December 11, 2017
The New Evil Axis of Weapons Proliferation Al-Hurra Digital September 16, 2017
North Korea, Iran, and Syria: The Strategic Partnership Secure Freedoom Radio / The Frank Gaffney Show September 7, 2017
Is North Korea's Behavior Emboldening Iran? News Desk with Eliot Coe-Hayne / i24News September 6, 2017
What Assad's Gains in Deir ez-Zor Mean for Syria & What's Next for the Iran Deal Perspectives with Denise Wood / i24News September 5, 2017
Going MAD is Not the Answer to North Korea The Jerusalem Post September 3, 2017
The North Korean Axis of Middle East Proliferation National Review August 31, 2017
North Korea Missile Launch and ISIS on its Heels ClearCut with Erica Pitzi / i24News August 25, 2017

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