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Matthew RJ Brodsky
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Writings by Topic: Interview

Title Publication Date
Quoted in: NPR slammed for 'revisionist history' on article criticizing GOP efforts against critical race theory Fox Wilmington June 6, 2021
Quoted in: Newsweek Op-Ed Blasts Left — 'Anti-Americanism is the New Patriotism' Breitbart April 23, 2021
Quoted in: Do Jewish Conservatives Still Have a Home in the Post-Trump Republican Party? Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) February 1, 2021
Quoted in: A Roadmap to Eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood's Economic Empire - خارطة طريق للقضاء على «إمبراطورية الاقتصاد الإخواني» Al-Khaleej December 26, 2020
Quoted in: Experts fear US troop removal from Afghanistan and Iraq could further embolden Iran Jewish News Syndicate November 19, 2020
Inside the Abraham Accords and the Jewish, Israeli, and Regional Perspective The Yishai Fleisher Show September 14, 2020
Quoted in: Here's what Jared Kushner read to prepare for his Israeli-Palestinian peace deal Forward January 30, 2020
Matthew Brodsky on the Netanyahu Probe, Settlements, Jordan and the Future of Israel DC Insider / Albawaba December 2, 2019
US announcement on Israeli settlements does not 'close door' on peace, says legal expert Jewish News Syndicate November 18, 2019
Pompeo Goes Full Neocon National Interest November 18, 2019
Quoted in: Trump's 'impulsive' decision to leave Syria undermines Israel's interests, according to experts Jewish News Syndicate October 17, 2019
Quoted in: Trump Decides to Withdraw U.S. Troops from Syria - What are the Implications? - ترامب يقرر سحب القوات الأمريكية من شرق سوريا.. ما دلالات ذلك؟ Sharq Wa Gharb October 7, 2019
Quoted in: Is This Netanyahu's Last Chance at Political Redemption? National Interest September 30, 2019
Quoted in: Trump imposes 'highest level' of sanctions on Iran - ترامب يفرض "أعلى مستوى" من العقوبات على إيران.. ما دلالات ذلك؟ Sharq Wa Gharb September 21, 2019
Quoted in: US sanctions Central Bank of Iran, going after suspected funding linked to terror groups Jewish News Syndicate September 20, 2019
Quoted in: Israel's Kingmaker Loses His Crown National Interest September 18, 2019
Quoted in: Washington blames Tehran for the attack on oil facilities Aramco - واشنطن تحمّل طهران مسؤولية الهجوم على منشآت نفطية في أرامكو.. ما دلالات ذلك؟ Sharq Wa Gharb September 17, 2019
Quoted in: What does Bolton's exit mean for U.S. policy on Israel and Iran? Jewish News Syndicate September 11, 2019
Omar and Tlaib Threaten U.S. Aid to Israel as Democrats Consider a Resolution ClearCut+ with Michelle Makori / i24News August 19, 2019
Rashida Tlaib and Ilan Omar Undermined Their Own Case About Israel Varney & Co / Fox Business Network August 16, 2019
Quoted in: House legislation seeks to restore USAID projects to Palestinian areas Jewish News Syndicate August 7, 2019
Quoted in: Amid economic and military standoff, will Iran take up America's offer to negotiate? Jewish News Syndicate August 1, 2019
Quoted in: New Pentagon leader Esper faces steadily rising tensions with Iran Jewish News Syndicate July 23, 2019
Quoted in: Drone shooting another ingredient in the pressure-cooker of US-Iran tensions Jewish News Syndicate June 20, 2019
Quoted in: What progress can be made in Bahrain without the Israelis and Palestinians? Jewish News Syndicate June 19, 2019
Quoted in: The art of the bad deal Spectator | USA May 9, 2019
Quoted in: Trump Mideast Peace Team's Challenge: Convincing Skeptics Without Revealing Any Details Haaretz March 12, 2019

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