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Title Publication Date
America and Jordan: A New Page? - أميركا والأردن..صفحة جديدة؟ Al-Hurrra July 23, 2021
Taliban Seize Key Border Crossings with Pakistan i24News with Benita Levin July 14, 2021
Strategic Messaging or Naval Exercises? U.S. to Remain in the Black Sea for 'Some Time' Asharq TV July 10, 2021
The Implications of the U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan Strictly Security / i24News July 10, 2021
Blocking Iranian Websites: Is the U.S. Guilty of Stifling Free Speech? The Newsmakers / TRT World June 29, 2021
Blinken Visits Israel and Pledges to Make Gaza Great Again Global Eye with Natasha Kirtchuk / i24News May 25, 2021
The Importance of the Abraham Accords in the U.S. Approach to Middle East One America News Network May 19, 2021
Biden's Approach to the Hamas - Israel Conflict Newsmax May 19, 2021
Quoted in: Newsweek Op-Ed Blasts Left — 'Anti-Americanism is the New Patriotism' Breitbart April 23, 2021
When Everything is Racist There's No Room for Reason Newsweek April 22, 2021
Biden's National Security Strategy Aims To Take The Leftist Culture War Global The Federalist March 10, 2021
Reaction to the Khashoggi Report and Biden's Woke Approach to Saudi Arabia and Iran i24News with Benita Levin March 1, 2021
The Nuclear Impasse: The Geopolitical Stalemate Between the U.S. and Iran The Newsmakers / TRT World February 11, 2021
Houthis Attack Saudi Airport Days After Biden Removes Them from Terror List i24News with Benita Levin February 10, 2021
Quoted in: Do Jewish Conservatives Still Have a Home in the Post-Trump Republican Party? Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) February 1, 2021
How Will Biden Approach Middle East Peace and Geopolitics? i24News January 20, 2021
Saudi Arabia, Qatar to Sign US-Brokered Deal to Ease Gulf Crisis Al Jazeera Arabic January 4, 2021
Biden Claims His Transition Team is Being Obstructed by Trump's Pentagon Asharq TV December 30, 2020
Will the Trump administration Resolve the Gulf Dispute in the Next Few Weeks? Al-Hurra December 11, 2020
The Making of the US, Morocco, and Israel Deal Asharq TV December 10, 2020
Trump Announces Morocco and Israel Agreement to Establish Full Diplomatic Relations Sky News Arabia December 10, 2020
Senator Ted Cruz Tightens the Screws on the Muslim Brotherhood Sky News Arabia December 3, 2020
Trump's Accomplishments and Remaining Challenges in the Middle East Liquid Lunch with John Tobacco December 1, 2020
Fallout From Assassination of Iran's Nuclear Scientist as Kushner Heads to the Middle East National Report / Newsmax December 1, 2020
Does the Assassination of Iran's Lead Nuclear Scientist Complicate Biden's Middle East Agenda? The Rundown with Calev Ben-David / i24News November 29, 2020
How Will Jake Sullivan Impact Biden's Approach to the Middle East? Sky News Arabia November 25, 2020
The Significance of Netanyahu's Meeting with MbS in Saudi Arabia Al Jazeera Arabic November 23, 2020
Quoted in: Experts fear US troop removal from Afghanistan and Iraq could further embolden Iran Jewish News Syndicate November 19, 2020
Debating a Biden Return to the Nuclear Agreement with Iran i24News November 9, 2020
Does Trump Have an Israel Test for Middle East Allies? i24News November 4, 2020
DEBATE: Will a Trump or a Biden Presidency be Better for the Middle East? Pinkser Centre November 3, 2020
The Arms Ban on Iran Expired, How Will the US Respond? Al Jazeera October 18, 2020
What Happens When the Arms Embargo on Iran is Lifted? Al-Araby October 18, 2020
New Clinton Emails and Obama's Promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood Sky News Arabia October 12, 2020
Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate and Does it Matter? The Rundown with Calev Ben-David / i24News October 8, 2020
Does Washington Intend to Close its Embassy in Baghdad? Al Jazeera September 28, 2020
US Applies Additional Sanctions on Iran After the UN Snap Back Sky News Arabia September 23, 2020
Does the US Intend to Replace PA President Abbas? Al Jazeera September 17, 2020
Inside the Abraham Accords and the Jewish, Israeli, and Regional Perspective The Yishai Fleisher Show September 14, 2020
The US Draft Resolution to Extend the Arms Ban on Iran - مشروع قرار أميركي لتمديد حظر بيع السلاح لإيران Al-Hurra August 8, 2020
What's Behind the New Iran Sanctions? Al Jazeera July 31, 2020
US Motivation for Escalating with Iran - دوافع التصعيد الأميركي الأخير تجاه إيران Al-Araby July 24, 2020
Differing US Positions on Israeli Annexation Plans? - مخطط الضم الإسرائيلي .. تباين المواقف الأميركية Al-Araby June 24, 2020
The Caesar Act and its Implications Sky News Arabia June 18, 2020
The Debate Over John Bolton's Scathing New Book The Rundown with Calev Ben-David / i24News June 18, 2020
Republicans Unveil Largest Iran Sanctions Plan in History Sky News Arabia June 9, 2020
US and Iran trade Accusations - ما وراء الخبر - ما دلالة الاتهامات الإيرانية الأمريكية المتبادلة؟ Al Jazeera May 5, 2020
How the US Will Respond to Falling Oil Prices Al-Hurra April 30, 2020
Future of US bases in Iraq Al Jazeeera March 30, 2020
US options to respond to Iran's attacks in Iraq Al Jazeera March 12, 2020
The Iraqi Fear of Turning into a Proxy War Between Washington and Tehran Al Jazeera February 28, 2020
Trump's Middle East Peace Plan The Heat / CGTN February 11, 2020
Mutual accusations between Kushner and Abbas Al Jazeera February 7, 2020
Mahmoud Abbas and the Arab League Reject the Peace Plan - عباس يؤكد رفض خطة السلام ويتهمها بالانحياز لإسرائيل Al-Hurra (Arabic) February 1, 2020
Quoted in: Here's what Jared Kushner read to prepare for his Israeli-Palestinian peace deal Forward January 30, 2020
What is Trump Counting on to Make His Peace Plan a Success? - على ماذا يعول ترامب في نجاح خطته للسلام في الشرق الأوسط؟ Al-Hurra (Arabic) January 29, 2020
What's Next for the Trump Administration's Peace Plan? Sky News Arabia January 29, 2020
Le Deal Du Siecle Divise Republicains Et Democrates i24News Francais January 29, 2020
What are the Sticking Points in Trump's Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan? American Agenda / NewsmaxTV January 29, 2020
Is Trump's Middle East Peace Plan Viable? The Newsmakers / TRT World January 29, 2020
Trump Unveils Middle East Peace Plan ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News January 28, 2020
Palestinians Must Come to the Middle East Peace Table: Gold Institute Senior Fellow Varney & Co / Fox Business Network January 28, 2020
Debating Trump's Peace Plan - خطة ترامب.. دقت ساعة التفاصيل Hassad الحصاد / Al-Jazeera (Arabic) January 27, 2020
Washington Stresses it Will Not Withdraw from Iraq - واشنطن تؤكد أنها لن تناقش انسحاب قواتها من العراق Sky News Arabia January 10, 2020
New Sanctions on Iran as the Regime Scrubs the Crash Site of an Airliner it Shot Down ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News January 10, 2020
Is the Iranian Attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Trump's Benghazi? The Larry O'Connor Show / 105.9 FM WMAL December 31, 2019
Iran's Meddling in Iraq's Affairs is a Driver Behind the Protests - مظاهرات العراق والضغوط الخارجية Beyond the News ماوراء الخبر / Al-Jazeera (Arabic) December 10, 2019
Hamdok's Hope the White House Removes Sudan from the Terrorist List - العلاقات الأميركية السودانية.. حمدوك في واشنطن لتعزيزها وشطب السودان من قائمة الدول الراعية للإرهاب Al-Hurra (Arabic) December 1, 2019
The Trump Administration's Approach to the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process The Rest of the Story للقصة بقية / Al-Jazeera (Arabic) November 25, 2019
State Dept: West Bank Israeli Civilian Settlements No Longer Inconsistent with International Law EWTN News Nightly November 19, 2019
US announcement on Israeli settlements does not 'close door' on peace, says legal expert Jewish News Syndicate November 18, 2019
Turkey's Erdoğan and Trump Meet at the White House TRT World Live November 13, 2019
IAEA Accuses Iran of Nuclear Production at an Undisclosed Facility ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News November 11, 2019
Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman: 500 - 600 U.S. Servicemen to Remain in Syria Sky News Arabia (Arabic) November 10, 2019
Trump Blasts Critics Who Wanted to Stay in Syria ClearCut with Michelle Makori / i24News October 23, 2019
Trump Surrenders Remaining Leverage in Syria with Additional Withdrawal Order Take :30 with Derricke Dennis / i24News October 14, 2019
The Politics, Process, and Policy in Trump's Syria Shift Newsy October 10, 2019
The Case Trump Should - and Shouldn't - Make for U.S. Policy in Syria i24News Desk with Ayman Sikseck October 10, 2019
Turkey's Military Offensive in Syria Follows Trump's Withdrawal Order The Debate / France 24 October 9, 2019
Understanding the U.S. Impeachment Process - مسلسل مساءلة ترامب Hassad الحصاد / Al-Jazeera (Arabic) October 8, 2019
Quoted in: Trump Decides to Withdraw U.S. Troops from Syria - What are the Implications? - ترامب يقرر سحب القوات الأمريكية من شرق سوريا.. ما دلالات ذلك؟ Sharq Wa Gharb October 7, 2019
Trump's Syria Decision Won't Serve America's Strategic Interests ClearCut+ with Michelle Makori / i24News October 7, 2019
The BDS Movement: Anti-Semitism, Defending Israel, and the Trump Administration A Center for Security Policy Panel September 24, 2019
Quoted in: Trump imposes 'highest level' of sanctions on Iran - ترامب يفرض "أعلى مستوى" من العقوبات على إيران.. ما دلالات ذلك؟ Sharq Wa Gharb September 21, 2019
Quoted in: US sanctions Central Bank of Iran, going after suspected funding linked to terror groups Jewish News Syndicate September 20, 2019
Quoted in: After third Democratic debate, pundits ask: Where was debate on Iranian threat? Jewish News Syndicate September 13, 2019
With Bolton's Exit Will Trump Take Up Macron's Iran Offer? Panorama بانوراما / Al-Arabiya (Arabic) September 12, 2019
Quoted in: What does Bolton's exit mean for U.S. policy on Israel and Iran? Jewish News Syndicate September 11, 2019
Quoted in: With new book out, Sen. Bennet talks foreign policy, Middle East, nuclear capabilities Jewish News Syndicate September 10, 2019
Senator Ted Cruz Calls for Listing the Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorists - دعوات متجددة في الكونغرس لإدراج "الإخوان" على لائحة الإرهاب Sky News Arabia (Arabic) September 8, 2019
Iran's Rouhani and Zarif are Making More Noise Panorama بانوراما / Al-Arabiya (Arabic) August 21, 2019
Lessons From The Tlaib, Omar, And Israel Firestorm The Daily Wire August 21, 2019

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